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The Tajweed rocking chair is a custom made meditation seat designed for the novice meditator. Targeting the initial hurdle of struggling to find mental stillness, I developed a product that would help users become present by directing their focus to the balance of the seat  through posture. Working  intimately with my client enabled me to trouble shoot problems and find design solutions that ultimately allowed me to deliver an experience not previously offered on the existing market.


Fanous is a three part candle-lit lamp I developed in the design language of Lebanese designer Nada Debs. Inspired by her contemporary application of traditional arabesque designs, I observed thematic elements seen in her furniture finishes, textures, patterns and materials. I then abstracted and applied these to natural materials and simple geometry juxtaposed with an ornate pattern and detailed with subtle copper accents. 


Tones is a conceptual earbud design that serves to bridge the gap between technology and jewelry. Through market analysis, its  observable the trend of minimalist earbud design to shrink and hide technological presence, rather than celebrate it. Tones is the elegant statement piece that delivers both form and function.

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